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Step 6 - Top Coat

Cement Tile, Terracotta and Metal roof`s
The final step is the top coat.
A high build water-based system, tailored to your chosen colour, is used to prevent running/sagging during application
The first coat is then applied and left to dry for 2 hours. A second coat is then applied, which gives the best coverage, durability and weather protection to keep your roof looking brand new for longer.

Top Coat

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Roof Inspection

Step 1 – Roof Inspection

Roof Clean

Step 2 – Roof Cleaning

Re-Bed & Re-Point

Step 3 – Re-Bed & Re-Point

Roof Sterilization

step 4 – Roof Sterilization

Roof Primer

step 5 – Roof Primer

Top Coat

step 6 – Top Coat

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