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Roof Restoration

A full inspection of your roof is performed and we will let you know exactly what needs to be restored, as well as provide you with a free quote for the work.
Once you have agreed to the quote, all broken tiles and rusty valleys are replaced.
Next, we pressure wash your roof and clean all of your gutters.
Ridge capping is rebedded and repointed as required.
A coat of protective sealant is applied to your roof, so that your roof continues to look its best well into the future

Choose a Step below for more info

Roof Inspection

Step 1 – Roof Inspection

Roof Clean

Step 2 – Roof Cleaning

Re-Bed & Re-Point

Step 3 – Re-Bed & Re-Point

Roof Sterilization

step 4 – Roof Sterilization

Roof Primer

step 5 – Roof Primer

Top Coat

step 6 – Top Coat

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