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Roof Replacement

Cement Tile, Terracotta and Asbestos

At Town & Country roofing, we can replace you existing heavy cement tile, terracotta or asbestos to ultra durable colourbond to improve the look and feel of your home.
Since roofs are exposed to all weather conditions, overtime the cement used to fix and waterproof ridge cappings cracks and falls away resulting in leaks into your roof causing internal damage. Weather conditions can also cause your roof to experiance movement, which can crack tiles that are not visible from the ground and cause leaks into your roof also.
Build ups of mold, lichen, bird droppings, dust and grim causes your roof to lose its visual appeal and turn any rainwater collection points into water that is unusable for consumption due to bacteria investing your water tanks

Roof Replacement
Roof Inspection

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Step 1 - Inspection & Quote

Step 1 – Inspection & Quote

Step 2 - Roof Removal

Step 2 – Roof Removal