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Step 5 - Primer/Sealer

Cement tile and Terracotta
Depending on the condition of the tiles, a different sealer/primer will be used.
For smoother/newer tiles a full acrylic primer is used to create a sturdy membrane for the top coat.
For older/pitted tiles, a water based High build acrylic primer is used. This primer helps to strengthen tiles and provide a sturdy membrane for the top coat.
A single coat is applied evenly and allowed to dry. If needed more coats can be done depending on the absorption of the tiles.
Metal Roofs
A water based primer specifically designed for metal roofs is used.
Specialist corrosion control primers are installed where required. System options for Galvanised, Zincalume or precoated metal.
A single coat is applied evenly to the whole roof and allowed to dry.


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Roof Primer

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Top Coat

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