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Step 3 - Re-Bed & Re-Point

Cement tile & Terracotta roofs
Re-bedding and Re-pointing occurs after the roof has been cleaned and allowed to dry.
This process includes removing old/damaged mortar, and replacing any broken/damaged ridge caps with new ones.
Once this is done, ridge caps are then re-pointed with a flexible acrylic pointing mix coloured to your roofs new colour or, if you wish, a different color to final roof colour to make it stand out more.
All old mortar is disposed of and roof is then cleaned of all debris then allowed to dy.

Re-bed & Re-Point

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Roof Inspection

Step 1 – Roof Inspection

Roof Clean

Step 2 – Roof Cleaning

Re-Bed & Re-Point

Step 3 – Re-Bed & Re-Point

Roof Sterilization

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Roof Primer

step 5 – Roof Primer

Top Coat

step 6 – Top Coat

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