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Roof Restorations - Newcastle - Maitland - Lake Macquarie

At Town and Country Roof Restorations we have a team of experts with many years’ experience restoring roofs back to their original best. Our service area`s include Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens. Town and Country Roof Restorations can give you the roof that you have always wanted and add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

A brand new high quality roof will only last about 20 years before you can see signs of wear and tear, which reduces the aesthetic and dollar value of your home. Storms and hail, as well as our harsh Australian sun, all take a toll on tiled roofs and there comes a time when you need to seriously consider a roof restoration.

So just give us a call and we will visit your property and provide you with an obligation free quote. You have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars and peace of mind to gain – with an expertly managed roof restoration.

We (Roofing specialist and roof repair contractors Newcastle) service Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, the Hunter Valley and surrounding areas of NSW. So if you want your home to look brand new again, call our team of expert roofers and restore your roof to its original beauty.
Roof restorations, Newcastle and surrounding areas

If your roof is damaged, leaking, has been poorly installed or is no longer looking its best, then you might consider a roof restoration, rather than a spot repair. The restoration process is as follows:

A full inspection of your roof is performed and we will let you know exactly what needs to be restored, as well as provide you with a free quote for the work.
Once you have agreed to the quote, all broken tiles and rusty valleys are replaced.
Next, we pressure wash your roof and clean all of your gutters.
Ridge capping is rebedded and repointed as required.
A coat of protective sealant is applied to your roof, so that your roof continues to look its best well into the future

The longer you leave an old worn roof before you restore it back to its original beauty, the more likely it is that your roof will start leaking, especially in stormy weather. So if you think your roof needs restoring, let us check it out for you and give you our expert opinion.

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Roof Inspection

Step 1 – Roof Inspection

Roof Clean

Step 2 – Roof Cleaning

Re-Bed & Re-Point

Step 3 – Re-Bed & Re-Point

Roof Sterilization

step 4 – Roof Sterilization

Roof Primer

step 5 – Roof Primer

Top Coat

step 6 – Top Coat

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