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Gutter Guard


Your Safety - No More Cleaning Gutters

Reduce the need to climb up on your roof to clean your gutters constantly. Injuries and even deaths are a common problem for people climbing up on ladders and falling from roofs year round in Australia. By having a quality gutter guard fitted to your roof can help keep your gutters clear and water flowing and save you from doing the dangerous task of cleaning your gutters.

Product Information

Our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) mesh is amongst the highest quality manufactured product on the market today. The raw material is HDPE, is the most premium resin raw material available.
Furthermore we only manufacture our product using virgin (new) HDPE polymer and not recycled. Manufactured utilizing the latest in production technologies and premium raw materials we stand behind the quality of our gutter guard system to ensure that they perform equally as well, and in most cases better, than other competing plastic and even metal systems.
Town & Country Heavy Duty Gutter Guard can be fitted on all roof types and is ideal for servicing both gutters and valleys. Unique diamond shaped apertures which assist in sheeting reduction. Sheeting refers to the effect water clogging the holes in a mesh product and thus a build up of surface water tension will cause water to flow over the gutters as opposed to entering the gutters. The mesh aperture has been scientifically designed to allow maximum water to penetrate through the mesh and enter your gutters yet keeping the maximum amount of leaf and debris out.<