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Guttering & Accessories

Made from Colorbond and Zincalume steel, our range of gutters and accessories are practical and designed to fit the demanding needs of any building and environment.

We can supply standard or made to order gutters, which are suited to a wide variety of applications including commercial, industrial, rural or domestic.

With a wide variety of colors and materials we can ensure you get the best match to your current building design.

Types Of Gutters

Fascia Gutters

Designed with a square profile to match the fascia, fascia gutter feature high carrying capacity and comes with a return on rear gutter for fixing to roof sheeting. Square fronted gutters are designed to hide the ends of roof sheets and have slots in them to help water overflow freely in heavy rain without entering the roof space.

Fascia Cover

Fascia Cover is designed and engineered to cover existing timber fascia. Designed to overcome the basic problems of timber, Fascia and gutter profiles create a totally co-ordinated rainwater system.

Fascia Gutter

High Front Quad 115, 150, 175 Gutters

High Front Quad gutters come in a variety of carrying capacities and feature an extended face that conceal the roof lines.

Quad 115 Gutter

Quad 115 is a traditional gutter style that conceals the roofline and is popular for new homes and old home renovations. It is an easy to install product that minimises denting and comes in an extensive range of colours, finished and accessories.

Quad 125 Gutter

Quad 125 Gutter is a practical profile that has a modern extended face enabling the roofline to be concealed with the traditional quad styling. The quad 125 gutter is a complete system that comes in an extensive selection of accessories, colours and cast angles.

150 Half Round Gutter & 150 Flatback Half Round

They are suited to high-end architectural applications and feature high carrying capacity, premium material quality and high quality engineering design.

Gutters & Fascia
Quad 115 Gutter
Hi Front Quad 115 Gutter


Downpipes are part of our coordinated range of accessories that include nozzles and astragals, off sets and rainwater heads.

Rectangular Downpipe

Downpipes are manafactured out of steel, Colorbond steel and Zincalume steel.
100mm X 50mm X 2400mm
100mm X 75mm X 2400mm

Round Downpipes

To compliment that finish you are after, We can provide you with a range of round downpipes. Available in Zincalume steel or Colorbond steel finshes, in several diameters. These products are available in standard lengths of 2400mm only.




Gutters need to be installed in a workmanlike manner as these catch the water as it comes off the roof and channel it away from your home. Measure along the edges of your roof and calculate how many gutter sections you need. Add 10% to your measurements for wastage and fitting. Combine the roof measurements with your gutter layout plan to calculate the number of other gutter components you will need.

Downpipe & Accessories

Begin at the end of your roof away from the downpipe location and measure down 1.27cm from the edge of your roof and mark it.
Move to the downpipes and again measure and mark down 1.27cm from the roof edge. Use a string level to be sure these marks are level with each other.
Calculate the slope you need so the water in your gutters flows towards the downpipes.
Measure the distance from the first mark at the downpipe end. Snap a chalk line from the lower mark at the downspout end to the single mark at the far end. This chalk line will be your reference line for installing your gutters.
Install the components of your gutter system – drop outlets, corners and mounting brackets. Fit individual sections of gutter into the mounting brackets and join the sections with gutter connectors. Use a hacksaw to cut gutter sections to fit when necessary.
Run clear silicon between the gutter sections to prevent water leaking through the seams. Install an elbow at the bottom of the drop outlet, then measure, cut and install the downspout to the base of the drop outlet. Attach the downpipe to the side of your house using mounting bracket.


Rainwater runoff from roofing materials such as Zincalume steel or Colorbond prepainted steel, aluminium or glazed tile surfaces should not be drained into a plain galvanised gutter or downpipe. Please contact us in regards to colours, lead time and availability.

Harsh Environments

Avoid using gutting and accessories within 1km of industrial, chemical, marine or unusually corrosive environments. If your project is located within a corrosive region please contact us for advice on the right product to use.

Overall Tips

Use rust resistant screws when installing your gutting components.

As a design principle, the overflow provisions should not be less than the capacity of the downpipes. Gutter manufactures are able to provide technical advice on their products.
Suggested overflow measures include:
• Slotted front of gutter (subject to adequate capacity of slots)
• Inverted downpipe nozzle at high points in the gutter but set at a low level below the fascia top
• Stop ends cut down to a lower level to act as a weir
• Gutter installed such that the gutter front is below the top of the fascia allowing overtopping of the gutter

Hi Front Quad 115 Gutter
Quad 115 Gutter
Fascia Gutter
Gutter Guard

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