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Step 1 - Inspection

Cement tiles/Terracotta
The entire roof is inspected for damaged tiles, loose or missing bedding, moss and lichen. Flashing’s and Valleys are also inspected for faults and rust damage.
Damaged tiles, valley`s and flashing’s are replaced where required. Damaged or broken tiles are then replaced. During the replacement, the inner roof is also checked for damaged caused by leak`s from the broken tiles.
Metal Roofing
The entire roof is inspected for rust damage and missing, loose or rusted screws are replaced.


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Roof Inspection

Step 1 – Roof Inspection

Roof Clean

Step 2 – Roof Cleaning

Re-Bed & Re-Point

Step 3 – Re-Bed & Re-Point

Roof Sterilization

step 4 – Roof Sterilization

Roof Primer

step 5 – Roof Primer

Top Coat

step 6 – Top Coat

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